book title The Living Wisdom of Trees, by Fred Hageneder

Fred Hageneder
The Living Wisdom of Trees
A Guide to the Natural History, Symbolism and Healing Power of Trees
hardcover, 256 pages, with illustrations by Lizzie Harper
Watkins, London 2020, ISBN 9781786783332

The Living Wisdom of Trees

Trees have provided us with materials to travel across land and sea, to build shelters and homes to raise our families and protect us from the elements. Their products have fed and nourished us, their roots healed and cured us. Their branches and trunks have been used to build tools and have provided us with the fuel of civilisation: fire.

These ancient sentinels dominated our land long before humans arrived. They have endured a torrent of natural disasters and they have seen history unfold around them. Trees hold a sacred place for cultures around the world and now Fred Hageneder brings you the definitive guide of over 55 trees from around the world.

Exploring the natural history, folklore, myth, magic, symbolism and healing properties of each tree from Acacia to Yew.

With the rapidly increasing rate of climate change and deforestation, now is the time to change our relationship with the natural world. We need to reconnect and replant instead of dominate and destroy. Now is the time to learn from our most ancient ancestors.

This beautifully produced hardback is accentuated with beautiful hand drawn illustrations of each tree with detailed features by Lizzie Harper.


Note: This is the new edition of the Duncan Baird edition, London 2005:
The Living Wisdom of Trees – Natural History, Folklore, Symbolism, Healing
ISBN 978-1844831647 (Hc.), ISBN 978-1844836680 (Pb.)

which was published in the USA by Chronicle Books, San Francisco 2005 as:
The Meaning of Trees – Botany, History, Healing, Lore
ISBN 978-0811848985 (Hc.), ISBN 978-0811848237 (Pb.)
both with 224 pages, 70 color photographs and 20 color illustrations.

This photo book was also published in Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish, Czech, Lithuanian and Japanese.